MYSEM Enterprises – Jemima


We believe to make every day more than ordinary. We consider to find meaningful ways to improve lives, for now, and every generation to come. No matter how much we grow, we constantly keep ourselves grounded with our goal, purposes and fundamentals.

Jemima ® has three major goals:

·         We try to improve hygiene and cleanliness.

·         We use the latest technology and expertise to obtain a difference.

·         We apply consumer insights to contribute to health and hygiene


In Feb 2020, Mohammed Yaseen Shafi Motiwala (MYSM), founder of Jemima ®, paper down his thoughts about hygiene and cleanliness. Knowing the fact that germs are everywhere from your floor surfaces to tables, chair, windows, doors and anything we touch. Our Hand wash is the best product to keep you and your family safe from these germs.

To promote wellness he introduced three fragrances of anti-bacterial Hand Wash. Additionally, MYSM launched three fragrances for Dish Wash. After some time MYSM introduced 7 more fragrances of Hand Wash.

Our business has always been determined by a sense of responsibility, and in January 2021 Jemima ® launched Fenile and plans to launch hair removing wax at the end of Jan 2021. However, in near future MYSM has plans to export his products across the world to benefit the people on a larger scale.   

For now Jemima ® Hand Wash contains 500ml capacity; however, in near future it would be available in different pack sizes as well. 


We love to help individuals and try to make them feel good and get more out of life and our resolution as a business is to provide a sustainable life for the common man. Moreover, in future, we are planning to contribute in Glass Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Shampoo, Hair Oil and other FMCG products.


We will spread our business on our strengths with a combination of our expertise. We love to provide the products that our consumers want and make a beneficial contribution to the market.


We make quality hygiene products and try to make a difference. Our products have a great impact on the environment and we will keep making contributions.